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Financial Analysis & Consulting
Financial Analysis
We will assist you in planning for all of your personal and business financial needs. This involves preparing cash flow projection statements to asses the financing needs, cost analysis, cash inflows and outflows, sales forecast and budgeting.

Often businesses end up in bankruptcy due to lack of cash flow which can happen there are no processes in place to monitor working capital and cash flow. Being in control of your cash flow and working capital can help you avoid financial issues occurring and helps your bank and creditors feel more confident about the future of your business. Through our financial analysis and advisory services, we give you the expert advice you need so you feel completely in control of your finances while operating your business.

At Skymark Accounting & Tax Services LLP, we perform purchase evaluations for our clients. To ensure you do not end up over paying when purchasing business, be sure to give us a call so we can provide with a evaluation of the business you are interested in acquiring.

When performing business valuatons, we look at various methods & tools available to provide you the average price of the business you are interested in.

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