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HST Registration & Filing
We also provide monthly, quarterly and yearly HST filing for your business
If you are registered with Canada Revenue Agency for GST/HST then you would be required to file a periodic return in which you would be reporting taxable sales, and calculating the amount of GST/HST which must be remitted to the federal government for that period.

To some extent, you may have a choice in how often you are required to file your GST/HST return depending on your business size.

When the return period is annual, returns and remittances for the period are due generally no later than three months after the fiscal year-end of the business

Any GST/HST remittance owed for the year is due and payable to the federal government by April 30. If you have a business and require your HST return to be prepared and filed with CRA, you can contact us and we can prepare and file it for you so you can any penalities and/or Interest charges due to late or no filing.

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