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Personal & Corporate Tax Services
Personal & Corporate Tax Services
We provide full range of personal and business tax services including sole proprietorship, partnership, corporations, self-employed individuals, etc.

We work with our clients in order to minimize their tax liability and increase profitability.
Our tax experts ensure that your tax returns are filed accurately and comply with all tax laws and regulations.

We also assist our clients in dealing with any issues with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If CRA contacts you during the year requesting some additional information and/or documents, we can help you address those inquiries.

At Skymark Accounting & Tax Services LLP, we will determine appropriate deductions as well as credits that you may be eligible for in order to ensure your tax liability is minimized. We have listed below some of the deductions & credits that you may be eligible for:

  • Employment Expenses
  • Membership Fees
  • Union and Professional Dues
  • Legal Fees
  • Stock Options
  • Child Care Expenses
  • Moving Expenses
  • Spousal Amounts
  • Dependents
  • Disability Amounts
  • Caregiver Amounts
  • Charitable Donations
  • Tuition, Fees and Education Amounts
  • Interest Paid on Student Loans
  • Medical Expenses
To ensure that all of the applicable deductions, and credits have been applied to your personal tax return accurately, be sure to have your taxes prepared and filed by professional accountants at Skymark Accounting & Tax Services LLP.

In terms of Corporate Tax Returns, they must be filed within 6 months following the fiscal year end. All payments for taxes owed must be paid within 90 days after year end. If you own or manage a corporation and need to file the corporate return then be sure to do so as failure to file the return and/or making payments on taxes owed could result in penalties and interest charges.

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